Ticket Reservations for this event go on sale 5/4 at 9am

Don't miss this exciting event to kick off our Silent Auction!! 

Bingo games, prizes and family fun!

Tickets to this event are very limited and we can only accommodate a set number of families due to the size of our parking lot. Make sure you have Handbid downloaded on your phone before tickets go on sale. All tickets for this event will be purchased through Handbid. 


Each ticket is a reservation that gets your family:


 A spot in the parking lot for our Family Bingo Night

 2 Bingo Cards

 Ability to view items that will be available on the virtual Silent Auction


Additional food items and bingo cards will be available for purchase on Handbid.

Families will each have their own parking space in our parking lot. They will be socially distant from other families. No cars will be allowed in the parking lot. Bring your chairs and blankets to set up your spot picnic style. 


Handbid Download Instructions:

Download Handbid from your phones' app store

Tap 'Get Started' and follow the prompts to create an account. Find the auction:

Del Sur Auction In Paradise 2021


Swipe or tap to enter and buy tickets on 5/4