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Welcome to the Del Sur Educational Foundation!

Devote Yourself to Your Community Around You, Devote Yourself to Creating Something
That Gives You Purpose and Meaning” - Mitch Albom

As parents, teachers, administrators and community members we want Del Sur Elementary to be the best it can be. Countless studies show that student achievement is highest when there are strong partnerships between families, schools and communities.

Del Sur Elementary is often described as a public school with many of the advantages of a private school.  Through the  financial support of our families and community, the  Del Sur Educational Foundation (DSEF) will ensure that Del Sur Elementary’s tradition of educational excellence continues.  We work closely with our school leaders and teachers to fund resources that would enhance the learning of our students but are not funded by our school district. 

This year, we look forward to continuing to support programs that provide robust and engaging opportunities for our students to experience boundless opportunities to learn!

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